Dear medical colleagues, dear physiotherapists,

We would like to invite you to a very special event in 2017: in its 6th edition the Berlin Cartilage Symposium and the 3rd QKG Annual meeting will provide you comprehensive scientific and practical updates on cartilage regeneration and joint preservation in a common two - day congress.

Many well-known national and international specialists will present the latest state of art in science and techniques; and also for the first time show in workshops very extensively the physiotherapeutic treatment of cartilage damage to the knee, hip and ankle joint. We have tried to combine the primary scientific theoretical lectures on the first day with practical patient focused examples and technical „How-to-do talks“ on the second day. We also have decided to give an extra space of two sessions to the very important aftercare of cartilage operations what even might be not only for physiotherapists very interesting.

You will have the opportunity to discuss about experiences, treatment procedures and results with specialists as well as with patients. Therefore the medicals as well as the patients will obligingly tell their „cartilage story“ in Berlin.

We are of the opinion that the affected patient is not inevitably interested in getting an artificial joint, he possibly desires and deserves medical preservation: and this should also be the aim of the attending physician and especially of the cost bearers. Although the cartilage remedies are very well examined and proven to be successful for the patient, the obstacles to the reimbursement of costs or treatment permitting to harm the affected patients. Therefore we will discuss this important issue for our daily actions with representatives from the health system and cost bearers. The national and local press has announced to report about our congress and especially focus on this issue. 

We hope to arrange an interesting and attractive program and are looking forward to welcome you on 5th and 6th of May in Berlin.

Volker Laute  //  Klaus Ruhnau  //  Sven Scheffler  //  Wolfgang Zinser